Management of Kidney Fluid

It is important to avoid excess weight gain between treatments. Gaining and retaining too much fluid increases your chances of dying, chances of being hospitalized and makes it more likely you will develop heart problems.  Also gaining too much may make you either feel sick before dialysis or feel more washed out after dialysis. I […]

Introduction to Dialysis Sessions

We want to educate all of our dialysis patients about important items that help determine how healthy they will be.  I particularly want to stress things that patients can do that either can make the patient healthier or less healthy. This includes actions that:  1) increase or decrease the chance that you will die over […]

Risk of Having a Hemodialysis Catheter

Having a catheter for hemodialysis leads to many more deaths and hospitalizations compared to having an access in the arm (or if the arm is not possible, in the leg).  Other than coming for dialysis, making sure that you do not have a catheter is the most important thing you can do.   If you […]